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Processed China Clay

Processed China Clay Chemical Formula: AL5Si4O10(OH)8

Grade : Cal Clay

           : Top Clay

           : White Clay

           : Super Clay

Clay-o-lin is high-performance china clay products from Micro-MineralsClay-o-lin is composed of hydrated aluminum silicate. It is white, soft plastic clay mainly composed of fine-grained platy kaolin.

Clay-o-lin - Cal Clay is refined kaolin which is very fine-grained and calcined at 1100°C. The major advantages of Clay-o-lin - Cal Clay are its excellent brightness, low specific gravity, and enhanced light­-scattering power, thus enabling substitution for titanium dioxide pigment In paper and paints.

Clay-o-lin - Top Clay is levigated (water-washed) clay consisting entirely of fine-grained platy kaolinite mineral. Clay-o-lin - Top clay’s prime virtues are that it is inert over a wide pH range, has good brightness, increases viscosity, superior weathering qualities, and opacity.

Clay-o-lin - White Clay is manufactured from specially selected raw clay sorted under close quality control. The distinct feature of Clay-o-lin - White Clay is the degree of crystallinity which influences its brightness and whiteness. Additionally, it provides higher gloss, Improved opacity, rheology control, and greater film strength.

Clay-o-lin - Super Clay is naturally refined soft plastic clay with fine particle size. Clay-o-lin - Super Clay's superfine particle size offers ease of dispersion and higher gloss for both aqueous and solvent systems. It offers rheological improvement, higher hiding power and extends expensive pigments such as titanium dioxide. Hence, a cost-effective performance extender.

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