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Processed Calcite

Processed Calcite Chemical Formula : CaCO3

Grades : Premium

            : Premier

Calco is the Micro-Minerals name for crystalline calcium carbonates from high-quality deposits.

Calco - Premium is so-called due to its premium properties of 99% purity, high brightness, and extremely fine particle size, Calco - Premium's exceptional brightness and neutral whiteness extend the efficiency of pigments such as titanium dioxide offering substantial raw material savings and lower cost. Calco - Premium, is especially recommended to be incorporated in the formulation of powder coatings and printing inks.

Calco - Premier is refined calcium carbonate that has high reflectance value and carefully controlled particle size making it a versatile filler for many differing applicants. The distinct characteristics of Calco - Premier are its high brightness, opacity and easy dispersion together with the excellent suspension qualities and rheological properties. A cost-effective filler combining a wide range of beneficial features, Calco - Premier is unsurpassed.

Image by HowToGym
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