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Processed Barytes

Processed Barytes Chemical Formula: BaSO4

Grades : ESSW

            : S.O.C.

Brite is the Micro-Minerals name for natural barium sulphate products, It is naturally occurring barium sulphate, Barytes is a relatively soft, inert and mineral with high specific gravity.

Brite - E.S.S.W. grade is highly refined and having ULTRAfine particle size distribution. The important feature of this grade is that it has been hand sorted and washed to remove any impurities and to give it that 'extra' whiteness, hence the grade is called Extra Super Snow-White. Brite E.S.S.W, have a lower oil absorption imparting better flow properties to paints and have less of a matting effect in topcoats. The high brightness and purity make Brite E.S.S.W. an excellent alternative to precipitated barium sulphate Blanc Fixe.

Brite - Special Off-Colour grade is manufactured from specially selected off colour barytes lumps. Hence, it is called special off-colour. A particular feature of this grade is its low carbonate content making it an ideal filler for products such as automotive paints and coatings used in a corrosive atmosphere.

Image by Andrey Metelev
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